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Hebbville Tastee Freeze Review

The Tastee Freeze in Hebbville has been a static landmark in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia for decades. It’s like an institution that never changes, and I remember going there many times for ice cream when I was a kid growing up in nearby Bridgewater. While it’s still a great place to stop by for a tasty frozen treat, it falls short in a few ways when it comes being a full scale restaurant.


First, it’s an outdoor food establishment, so there is no inside dining area. You simply order at the take out window and then either eat in your car, take it with you, or sit at one of the 3 picnic tables provided around the restaurant. This in itself is not a huge issue, as picnics are fun, but I firmly believe that ANY place serving food to customers should have bathroom facilities, and the Tastee Freeze does not.

If they are not going to allow customers access to an indoor toilet, then at least have a porta-potty outside somewhere. This should be MANDATORY and against a food serving bylaw to not have one. During our particular trip there this time it became an issue because the little fella needed to go pee and we asked if he could use their indoor bathroom (assuming they must have one inside for the staff working there all day long), but they refused. Refusing the use of a bathroom to a small child is just wrong, in my opinion (feel free to comment below if you feel otherwise). He ended up going in the bushes behind the building because, when a kid’s gotta go, he’s gotta go quickly…no messing around.

Further to that point, I have Crohn’s and the idea being put forth of government issued cards allowing emergency access to washroom facilities would mean they’d have to comply, but really, it’s just common sense that if you’re serving food to anyone paying for it, then do the right thing and spend a few bucks on renting portable toilets during the few months in the summer you’re open. Shouldn’t that be a municipal rule or something? Anyway, it rubbed me the wrong way, but let’s move on to the food.


I had fish n’ chips and both Liza and her son had poutine. My first complaint was that it was all chips and very little fish. The entire container was full of french fries with a little piece of fish on top. Restaurants who pad meals with fries are a common complaint with many restaurant-goers (see our Focsle review here to see how it should be done). On top of that they only gave ONE Ketchup packet, which isn’t nearly enough if your going to load on the fries. Liza and little man both enjoyed their poutine with extra cheese.

The food itself was bland and generic tasting with nothing special about it at all. I’ve also had burgers there before that just tasted like frozen packaged beef (see here for what a GOOD burger is like). See, to me, the point of recommending a restaurant is that there is something special about it, such as having the best seafood, or awesome homemade pies, or a really cool decorative vibe. This has none of that. The food is non-descript, the decor is non-existant, and there is no place to go to the bathroom after you eat to wash up or anything else.

The prices were ok and average for a takeout eatery and the ice cream was good (not great, but not bad either). I like their chocolate dipped soft serve cones.

Tastee Freeze Rating: 6/10 (NOT recommended for the food, but ok to stop by for a dessert treat AFTER you’ve eaten a proper meal, requiring full facilities, somewhere else)

Review written by: Henry