Father’s Day Show ‘n’ Shine 2014 At The Marc

As it poured a sea of rain throughout the morning hours of Sunday, June 15th, Henry and I wondered if the Father’s Day car show was going to take place. We checked various websites regarding a possible rain date, however none was to be found. After the weather subsided we were indecisive about attending, as the sky looked quite ominous and unpredictable.

Henry, little mister and myself decided to take a chance,  because we had the misfortune of missing it entirely last year, and all of us LOVE antique cars. When we arrived, we were surely surprised at the turn out! There were many owners who; despite the rain and dreary weather, participated with smiles and enjoyed the day!

There were people there of all ages with a keen, appreciative eye for the antique wonders. The newer vehicles even received some much needed attention as well. The more modern, newer vehicles ranged from Volkswagen’s to Mustang’s to Camaro’s, etc.

One particular GMC truck stuck out from the rest, as it was black with green flames, and it had a vertical door lift kit. The center console of the truck was a coffin, and it had a snarling wolf cover over the engine. The box was truly unique, as it had the 1957’ish tail on the end. Exclusive to it’s kind!


Two other beautiful modern cars had vertical door lift kits, which made the people stop in their tracks as they were walking past. You couldn’t help but notice the lavish green Camaro, and the stunning red Mustang showing off their smooth leather interior. Mister man wanted to drive away in those two fast driving beauties!


Walking around drooling over the numerous oldies, we stumbled across these gems. Whether it’s a Charger, SS Nova, Firebird, or a Pontiac your eyes are going to follow. Yes, they are almost the size of a boat, but the power behind these puppies can be astounding! The roar of the engine as your pumping the pedal to the floor, and the vibration you feel when your hands are on the wheel and stick. One word describes it folks, and that is, euphoria!spot-light-nova-scotia-fathers-day-car-showThe older the car, the better in my book. Or what I should say is; the older the car,  the more appreciation I have for an era I had never existed in. I really take interest in most anything from the 1920’s, 30’s and onward. This includes the music from these different times. The soul doesn’t just show in the songs, it pours out into the cars as well. The older generation gazes over the masterpieces and reminisces of “Back In The Day”.


spotlightnovascotia-mister-manThe little man really had fun as he kept busy gawking at all the types of cars, running around to the different booths, eating ice cream and those hot and delicious Lil Orbits Donuts, and checking out the model car display inside the building. They had a variety of  models. Some were or older antiques and others were of the newer models. One collection they had spotlight-promotions-antiqueswas something very special. He kept wanting to reach out to touch them, but you could tell, those models were very old. To whom ever kept them in such great shape: Job well done!!! I don’t believe I would be that brave to take them out into such a public open area! 🙂

nspromotions-fire-truck-marc1The highlight of Misters day was the Lunenburg’s antique fire truck! The kids who attended the car show were able to have hands on experience with putting the truck through it’s paces. Being able to ring the bell and sound the alarm, while pretending to drive, put them in the mindset of being a real Firefighter. He even tried to grab on to the hose, because he wanted to “put out the fire!!”.  This was an awesome experience for the kids, and for this I thank you!

monster-madness-nspromotionsAs we were walking up toward the ice cream stand, I almost stopped right in my tracks! Actually now that I think about it, I stopped, took a double take, then turned around and tried to flag this fast little driver down just to get a picture! Blake, being one years old, was tearing up the track with his big beast, and he wasn’t letting up. The proud parents of the fanatical driver are Melissa and Randy Cross! Thank you for allowing me to take such a great picture! “Hey, Blake… Try not to get a ticket, ok?” 🙂

Antique cars are the absolute best. It provides you with the kind of appreciation you can hold dear to your heart. Brings back memories of a “Simpler” time to older folks, and encourages stories of old and new. If people have a tendency of forgetting a specific event in their life, what do they use as a landmark for their memory? “Well, back then I believe I owned the 1956 Chev’ Belaire, and that was the year that Elma tripped over the….”, and so on. Car shows such as these, help maintain and encourage nostalgic conversation, while teaching a new generation what it was like “Back In The Day”.


 Have fun, learn and explore!

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