Fo’c’sle Pub Restaurant & Bar Chester Review

spotlight-ns-focsle-pub-restaurant-chesterReported to be Nova Scotia’s oldest rural pub, the Fo’c’sle (Focsle is pronounced as “folk-sill”), was once a stable and grocery store and is now home to a large restaurant and bar located in lovely downtown Chester.

During this review, we were in a party of 4 people for my parent’s anniversary celebration held in the dining room, separate from the pub area. We collectively ate Digby clams & chips, the signature burger platter and Fo’c’sle Clubhouse with ceasar salad. Our reservations were held on time and the atmosphere was very pleasant with a nautical theme and quaint fireplace.

The dining area was clean and roomy with about 8-10 tables seating 4 people each. The only complaint there was that it did get noisy was they were all filled, as sound bounced off the hard walls and wooden furniture. I also visited the pub area, which looked like a typical pub with pub chairs and tables.

The food was good, but slow, as they seemed to be short staffed, with only one waitress serving the entire area. After what seemed like a long wait, our meals finally arrived and everyone was happy. Everything was cooked well, not overcooked, and was very tasty!

One thing that caught my eye was that the clams weren’t buried by fries, which is common in many restaurants these days where they pad the meal by making it a plate of mainly fries with just a handful of clams. The opposite was true here with a good portion a seafood to chip ratio, which was a pleasant surprise.

My Mom and I had the same dish, being the burger platter. Both of us enjoyed the burger, as it was well cooked and the grilled flavor was tasty. Since I don’t like anything green on my burgers, I made up for it with gravy. Though the rich dark brown sauce was nicely seasoned, as it tingled my taste buds; it lacked in texture. It was thin like water, practically running off my crispy potato skinned fries.

Liza always enjoys a tea before her meals in a restaurant. Once her supper arrived, she absolutely devoured her Fo’c’sle Clubhouse. The chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomateo complemented each other very well on whole wheat. The Caesar Salad was very fresh and crisp. It all went very well with her large milk.

Both Liza and I love pub food and The Fo’c’sle has good food…yummy!

I also used the washroom during my visit and it was clean and well supplied. I noticed they have a weekly trivia night and live music there too. Cool!

The prices were quite reasonable and they even have daily specials, so my burger platter was under 10 bucks that day. Nothing on the menu seemed overpriced, which is unusual in a tourist town like Chester where high prices are the norm.

Overall, it was a great experience and we all said we would return again.

Rating: 8/10 (Recommended!!)

The Fo’c’sle
42 Queen Street
Chester, NS

Review written by: Henry :):)


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