Hebbville Tastee Freeze Review

The Tastee Freeze in Hebbville has been a static landmark in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia for decades. It’s like an institution that never changes, and I remember going there many times for ice cream when I was a kid growing up in nearby Bridgewater. While it’s still a great place to stop by for a tasty frozen treat, it falls short in a few ways when it comes being a full scale restaurant.


First, it’s an outdoor food establishment, so there is no inside dining area. You simply order at the take out window and then either eat in your car, take it with you, or sit at one of the 3 picnic tables provided around the restaurant. This in itself is not a huge issue, as picnics are fun, but I firmly believe that ANY place serving food to customers should have bathroom facilities, and the Tastee Freeze does not.

If they are not going to allow customers access to an indoor toilet, then at least have a porta-potty outside somewhere. This should be MANDATORY and against a food serving bylaw to not have one. During our particular trip there this time it became an issue because the little fella needed to go pee and we asked if he could use their indoor bathroom (assuming they must have one inside for the staff working there all day long), but they refused. Refusing the use of a bathroom to a small child is just wrong, in my opinion (feel free to comment below if you feel otherwise). He ended up going in the bushes behind the building because, when a kid’s gotta go, he’s gotta go quickly…no messing around.

Further to that point, I have Crohn’s and the idea being put forth of government issued cards allowing emergency access to washroom facilities would mean they’d have to comply, but really, it’s just common sense that if you’re serving food to anyone paying for it, then do the right thing and spend a few bucks on renting portable toilets during the few months in the summer you’re open. Shouldn’t that be a municipal rule or something? Anyway, it rubbed me the wrong way, but let’s move on to the food.


I had fish n’ chips and both Liza and her son had poutine. My first complaint was that it was all chips and very little fish. The entire container was full of french fries with a little piece of fish on top. Restaurants who pad meals with fries are a common complaint with many restaurant-goers (see our Focsle review here to see how it should be done). On top of that they only gave ONE Ketchup packet, which isn’t nearly enough if your going to load on the fries. Liza and little man both enjoyed their poutine with extra cheese.

The food itself was bland and generic tasting with nothing special about it at all. I’ve also had burgers there before that just tasted like frozen packaged beef (see here for what a GOOD burger is like). See, to me, the point of recommending a restaurant is that there is something special about it, such as having the best seafood, or awesome homemade pies, or a really cool decorative vibe. This has none of that. The food is non-descript, the decor is non-existant, and there is no place to go to the bathroom after you eat to wash up or anything else.

The prices were ok and average for a takeout eatery and the ice cream was good (not great, but not bad either). I like their chocolate dipped soft serve cones.

Tastee Freeze Rating: 6/10 (NOT recommended for the food, but ok to stop by for a dessert treat AFTER you’ve eaten a proper meal, requiring full facilities, somewhere else)

Review written by: Henry

24 Responses to Hebbville Tastee Freeze Review

  1. Tracy says:

    My boyfriend and I went there one day for Ice Cream. So we went and got a flurry. I was surprised when he came back with this little cup of ice cream. I thought I would try the mini m&m one and there was only like 5 in the whole dish. I found out how much he had payed and it was no where worth the price. I said I would go to macdonald’s and get there flurry for twice the size and half the price. I will never go to this place again

  2. mildred leary wilson says:

    my self I love this taste freeze,,I worked many years in these places and no we only had a small place with a toilet for staff only but re think if your looking for all the special things then go to the place that give you more but as I see it we need more places like this one ,,as for a child did it hurt him /her to pee in the bush I don’t think so and there food always was good and as to me stop being a complainer atleast these people are working and keeping a long time business going more than we can say for a lot of other places ,,so if you don’t like it don’t complain go to another place I am sure they will survive with out you as it still is open today cheers to the hebville taste freeze wishing you many more good years of business

    • Liza says:

      Greetings and thank you for all of your input!

      I have gone to the Tastee Freeze quite a bit over the years, and I have always felt they should have a Porta Potty for everyone to use. Especially for those who are little and for those who are elderly. It’s just common decency to customers to have something in place.

      If someone was taking their small child or their elderly grandparents out for some yummy ice cream and they soiled themselves because they couldn’t find a washroom; they would be upset. Rightfully so.

      It may appear cute for some people to see a child doing their business in the bushes, but I’ve seen children who won’t go outside, and will actually do their business in their pants before they squat down behind the trees.

      Parents want and need to be an advocate for their kids, we want to encourage them to go to the bathroom when they’re in a public place, not flash their goods for everyone to see because it’s suppose to be private.

      Porta potties are in the local parks here in Bridgewater because of this very reason. Any type of outdoor vendor should have to have a toilet available for everyone to use.


    • Punctuation Won't Hurt You Either says:

      Dear Mrs. Wilson;

      The issue is not whether on not it “hurt” the child to pee in the bushes. The issue is that he had to in the first place? I like the Tastee Freeze as well and I’ve never really had a problem with the food but really, if food is being served, there should absolutely be a restroom.

      Is Henry complaining? Absolutely and from the looks of the comments section, he isn’t the only one. This is a website that REVIEWS businesses. Most businesses welcome feedback. It helps them improve. Henry’s review was honest. If he had a negative experience, it is his right as a consumer to share that negative experience and is far more likely to share the experience because it was negative. This is customer service 101. Perhaps the owners would do well to remember that. Sure they’re still in business but maybe they’d be doing even better if they took criticism a little better and tried to take steps to improve.

  3. Henry says:

    To Mildred: It’s ok to love their food, as we all have individual tastes, but it’s NOT ok to deny a child (or anyone else) access to a washroom, if one is available. No, he didn’t get “hurt” by going in the bushes, but it’s a matter of human decency, respect and common sense that ANY place serving food TO THE PUBLIC should have facilities. If it’s a small takeout only open for the summer then rent a porta-potty. We both know they can afford it, so they should have one out of respect for their customers, including children and the elderly who may not have any other choice in the matter.

  4. Angie says:

    While we do enjoy the burgers there, You are right that they do not give enough condiments. The ice cream is ok, but the are way ore priced! 4.99 for a sundae that doesn’t even reach the top of the cup, A few years back they were known for great prices and large portions both with food and ice cream, now you sadly do not get your moneys worth especially if you are buying ice cream. I cannot complain about the burgers or the friendliness of the staff however.

  5. danielle says:

    If you fell that you and your children are that special that you need proper facilities, maybe you shouldn’t be eating at a TAKEOUT, it is after all exactly what it says ….take out, so take you and your kids out somewhere else to pee. I do agree that the prices are quite high for what you get, especially on ice cream and should be lowered. I believe the business would do better because of it, the menu has been the same for years, might be time to spice it up with a few new things. Come on people get a grip, try complaining about something that could be more important than not being able to pee. Food always taste great, I have been a regular customer for years ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Henry says:

      Actually, I believe that EVERYONE is special enough to deserve proper facilities, absolutely.

      • Marty says:

        I didn’t know that, when living in a first world country, one has to be “special” in order to expect proper washroom facilities at an eating establishment.

        For 25 years I’ve wondered this exact thing – why they can’t even offer customers a portable outdoor washroom, instead of folks having to swallow their dignity and beg to use a private washroom inside the building, only to be told no.

        We used to make our obligatory “on the way home from Crescent beach” stop in to the tastee freeze once or twice a summer, but since the girls who own the yum yum bus began operating down at the beach, we no longer bother.

        Oh… And they have porta potties at the yum yum bus…

    • Kat says:

      Yes, Danielle – I absolutely agree. How dare these high class yuppie snobs complain about peeing in the bushes and ask that there be a port a potty instead? The nerve!
      /end sarcasm

  6. Dan says:

    I am a cook myself and have been coast to coast in doing so and I love my food . As east coaters we have always relied and counted on each other at one time or another and supported local I am sure of this . We need to do the same here if there was something wrong or not to your taste please tell the vender do not just suffer through it and say something behind there backs . I worked for a restaurant here in greenwood which is now closed cause we did not have the full support of the community and we were in our first year . But people would nod and say everything was fine until they got home to facebook or talking with their friends . We as cooks can not fix what we do not know about or know that u want done differently or something else. Each person tastes are different or people like things a different way then the next . We go with what we know or what we think works weather everyone agrees or not but I know myself I would have no issue cooking it better or making a change if it helped me keep my customers happy. As for the ketchup thing did you ask for more? I know I have gone and tried to grab a few to hand to someone and not giving them all I thought or have a bottle sitting on the ledge to use.

    Regards to the bathroom thing I do agree that they should have one . So what are we going to do about it ? Has anyone else brought this issue to them personally ? what if we as a community helped our neighbour and friends and raised money to help them or something ? I know I would support that as I have been going for years and take anyone visiting or new to the area there and show them I am proud of the little ice cream shop I grew up going too.

    I support you and stand behind you tasty freeze.
    your not perfect but you will be my number one choice for ice cream on the south shore. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Henry says:

      I agree they should have a bottle of ketchup on the ledge to use. Great idea, as that is what most take-outs do have, especially buses.

      I’m certainly not “anti” Tastee Freeze, but I firmly believe any place that serves food to the public should have at least portable facilities, unless it’s a side-of-the-road bus that moves often. The Tastee Freeze, however, has been on the same large lot for decades. It shouldn’t be a big deal to pop up a potty there in the back somewhere, right?

      What if someone’s wife or daughter needed to go quickly while eating at a picnic table there? Should they just drop their pants in front of everyone and go right there in the parking lot? There’s not even anywhere in the area to even run to.

  7. Dianne Godfrey says:

    I have not gone to the Tastee Freez in many years since I live near Liverpool now. And I too visited the Tastee Freez many times when I was a kid. It has since then renovated but I do agree too, it should have a place to sit inside and also AC since summers are so hot now and some of us as we get older hate the heat and humidity and don’t want to sit outside at picnic tables or sit in our cars.

  8. bubby hebb says:

    in this day and age , it is refreshing to be able to go to a place that is not one of the chain giants. where the workers know you . the tastee freeze has been a part of my life for most of my life. i know the present owners and knew the owners prior to them. good food , good service. no bathroom ….so what! i won’t base my eating experience on washroom experience. sometimes the washrooms at the big chain outlets aren’t fit to use. keep up the good work dougie and joanne , and all the rest of the workers. you will be there for a lot more years , based on the support you get from satisfied customers , not because of a few who would rather stand in line as a nameless faceless number.

    • Liza says:

      I agree with you on the big chains. That’s why we only review small, locally owned businesses instead of large franchises. However, food and washroom facilities should go together. It should be a basic human right and has nothing to do with being a “nameless faceless number” at a big chain or otherwise.

    • Kat says:

      I don’t think that’s what Henry was saying, Bubby. He was also not pleased with the food and that’s an issue I’ve heard about the Tastee Freeze many times. The people who complain about the food aren’t necessarily complaining because they prefer fast food. They easily may be complaining because they… surprise surprise… actually don’t like the food.

  9. rose says:

    i only live about 5 mins from the taste freeze and my family walks there they should have a washroom or something there but from what i hear they only rent there not sure if they rent the building or land it sits on but as always its rumors i also heard they only fry there french fries for a few minutes and they r not the most tasty things out there they r mushy i guess u would describe it, there food really has no taste to it at all and yes there ice cream is way to high in price they need to get a different menu i know my parent was going there for years and years and now they go to a road side bus cause there portions are a little bit more filling and better taste so what i am trying to say is like someone said update there menu and bring in something that will bring the people back to eat there i support local but there come a time when u have to move on

  10. Jim Reynolds says:

    If you want a perfect, standardized service with full facilities then go to Dairy Queen. This is a great little business that is a landmark for anyone who grew up here.

    If we expect them to pump in the money for the renovations required to have public washroom facilities and are looking for increased quality of food (with no corresponding increase in price obviously), we likely won’t have them around much longer to enjoy.

    • Liza says:

      I haven’t read anyone asking for a full reno with a fancy washroom. Just one basic portable toilet will do. Likely to be cheaper to just buy one to use year after year, if they know they’re going to be around for awhile. Consider it part of the cost to run a food business, just like having fryers and garbage cans outside.

    • Kat says:

      Did you actually read the review or just skip to the comments? A port-a-potty should hardly be considered a “full facility”. Also, there are lots of business that offer decent quality food at decent prices. The Yum Yum Bus, for example.

  11. Brett says:

    The ice cream is over priced, food, too many French fries, taste is ok. I gave up going there as the cost of things just too much, especially the ice-cream, we go elsewhere for ice cream now…Now the peeing in the woods, really? We all did that as kids but to do it today, just not acceptable. Yes, they certainly can afford to have a pottie on site. Friendly staff is great but no reason to go there just to pee in the woods and have over priced ice cream…..

  12. Andy says:

    They don’t need a portable toilet or any toilet of any kind.It’s a TAKE-OUT people.Get a life.

    • Liza says:

      Thank you to all for your input!

      “Get a life”? I find that interesting. Why do you feel it’s not a necessity? When a person spends “X” amount of dollars for a full meal, and they want to eat on site, as there are picnic tables there for customers to do so. You feel it’s ok for customers and their families to stop eating their meals to elsewhere to find a toilet?

      There are different little things in any business, that could be changed to better the experience for both customers and employees. In this case (my personal opinion) having a toilet there would encourage people to stay and enjoy their meals from start to finish without having the worry of packing up the family to go find one. Having a little tap on the side (as they have in campgrounds) so people could wash their hands would be beneficial as well. Plus of course all of the other suggestions here can improve the overall experience, therefore giving them more business.

      There are many small businesses that do not have public washrooms available, but at least they are in an area where you can find one within a very short walking distance.

      Take for instance, Lunenburg is a great example. Their are lots of little specialty stores which do not provide washroom facilities to the public, but luckily there are other establishments close by that a person can pop in to take care of business.

      I usually take my grandparents to the Tastee Freeze once a year so they can get their ice cream fix and they take advantage of the picnic tables. My grandmother sometimes has urgency issues, as with my grandfather. Why should their experience be downgraded (they don’t go out very often at all), because of something as simple as this basic, physical need.


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