Jerry’s Diner Review Bridgewater

I have a simple question for you. Do you like “trucker food”? If so, then read on!

While there are many people who like the idea of a dining experience, with a fancy table, well-decorated washrooms, maybe even a fireplace or chandelier….and others who just want a quick meal of great food and then be on their way. Well, Jerry’s Diner in Bridgewater, NS, is the place for you!


It’s basically just a few tables and stools inside an ESSO gas station, but they have all the truck stop staples on the menu, including fish n’ chips, hot sandwiches, burgers, fries, and even fishcakes and beans!! I had the fish and chips and my better half had something called Newfoundland Poutine. I admit that had me curious…

Turns out it was poutine with real stuffing in it! I tried a bit and found the gravy sauce to be a bit strong for me, but she quite liked it. My fish batter was golden brown and the portions were a good size. The fries were crispy and not lifeless. We both enjoyed our meals immensely.

The waitresses on duty were friendly and joked with each other and the customers while they made the meals, which we could see, as everything was open with no walls separating the staff from the customers.

The washrooms were surprisingly clean for a service station, although if they weren’t I would not mention here, as they were not maintained by the restaurant staff. I’m adding it as bonus to the overall experience.


The prices were reasonable, with most items being around 10 bucks or less, as well as daily specials posted on the sign outside for things like cheeseburger platters or fishcakes for under $10, so it didn’t break my wallet to feed 2 people. Yay!!

Check out Jerry’s Diner at 2 North St., Bridgewater, Nova Scotia



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