Ko’s Restaurant Review Bridgewater

As far as I know, Ko’s is the oldest Chinese food restaurant in the Bridgewater area. It has been serving customers for decades, and in the past few years has undergone some renovations to include an outside deck and more spacious dining area. If you like eating while overlooking the Lahave River, then check it out!


The atmosphere is nice and there is also a separate, larger dining room used for family gatherings and events requiring space for a room full of people. The regular dining area consists of several booths near the front and more tables near the back patio with all window views, in case you don’t want to eat outside (or it’s winter…brrr!!!). This restaurant both in and out are wheelchair accessible. ๐Ÿ™‚


My only complaint in this review was something I noticed right away, so I’ll get it out of the way right now and move on. The day we went there was hot and very muggy outside, so I was expecting some relief in the way of air conditioning inside, but there was none, and all they had was a side door open with a square floor fan blowing air toward the back. I don’t like eating when I’m not comfortable, and I was very uncomfortable that day. Still, we were there to eat, so we did.

During our visit, all 3 of us had Chinese Fried Rice with sweet and sour chicken balls. The waitress was awesome, very friendly. Our food was delivered to our table in a reasonable amount of time and everything was hot and didn’t taste like it was sitting around waiting to be served. Liza always orders extra sweet and sour sauce when getting Chinese food, and itย  was delicious! The rice was moist (not like some places with bland, dry rice) and the balls were big and tasty (not shriveled and tough).

Personally, I think their food has improved, as I’ve eaten there before over the years and I used to find the chicken balls to be more like dough-balls with very little chicken, but these were good. Also, the price was surprisingly good, at under 9 bucks for a good individual helping of rice and balls. They also have traditional Canadian dishes as well, such as fish and burgers.

I visited the washroom and everything was clean, smelled nice and was well supplied. It was wheelchair accessible, with lots of room. There were no issues.

As we got up to leave, the friendly waitress took the little guy back and gave him a personal tour of the kitchen, where he met some of the other staff and the owner. He even scored some extra fortune cookies for on the way home. Thanks, guys!!

Overall it is a nice restaurant and a good place to take the family…anytime the A/C is working ๐Ÿ™‚

Ko’s Restaurant rating: 8/10

Review written by: Henry

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