Liverpool Pizzeria Review

Liverpool was sunny and warm the weekend of Privateer Days when we visited to take in the festivities, including the games and vendors in the park downtown and the battle re-enactment on the other end of town. The little fellow with us was quite fascinated by what looked to him like real combat between the “redcoats” and pirates, shooting off their guns and cannons. He did get a bit frightened that Mommy was going to get killed when she went in for a closer pic with her camera, but I assured him she would be ok. Well, that is until one of the soldiers got “shot down” and then he got really upset, but then he calmed down upon Mommy’s return and watched as the fun unfolded.


I spoke to one soldier who was very informative about the authenticity of the clothes worn and arms used. The replicas were truly realistic, as well as the tent set ups, cooking utensils, etc. If not for the modern day crowd walking among them, you would have sworn you traveled back in time. The pirates seemed scary at first, but were quite friendly, once we got to know them, and a couple of them (hey, pirate Chuck!), even played a bit of soccer with us on the field later on in the evening!


So, after a full day of pirating, we were hungry and ended up at Liverpool Pizzeria, and we were glad we did! Now, to be honest with you, I wasn’t really in the mood for pizza, but the town has a very limited number of restaurants, and half of them are pizza joints, so pizza won in the 3-way vote.

As we entered the pizzeria, it was spacious with a variety of tables and booths. As we sat down, the lady handing out the menus seemed friendly and pleasant. The booth was roomy and not crowded, which is great because I often feel claustrophobic in a tight booth area.


The prices on the menu seemed reasonable with a variety of specials, so we ordered the one with the large meat pizza and the garlic fingers with the works, including bacon…yum!! It was a lot more food than I was expecting for 3 people, but we were hungry and gobbled up most of it in no time.

The best word to describe the pizza was “substantial”. It was NOT one of those light, overly sweet, pizzas that are the trademark of many franchises, nor was it typical of most pizza “joints”. It had a uniqueness about it that I’ve never tasted anywhere else. At first I didn’t like it because I’m so used to a typical slice of ‘za served quickly from under a heat lamp when I’m in a hurry, but this…this was actually a MEAL. It was tasty, filling and not too sweet or greasy…great!!

Oh, but it gets better, my dear readers! The garlic cheese fingers….oh, those delicious fingers!! I love garlic fingers, but it’s probably the hardest thing for most places to get right. It seems easy because there isn’t much on it, but it’s a delicate balance that too many restaurants get way wrong. These delightful fingers were extremely tasty without too much of any one flavor ruining the rest of it.

In fact, with most meals that include fingers, we end up eating them as more of a side dish with the pizza being the main course, but this time we finished the garlic fingers almost entirely FIRST and could have easily just had that as the whole meal. The pizza itself became more of an afterthought because we got so filled up already.


However, there was one negative that must be mentioned in this review, even though the food was great, as we strive to evaluate everything that a person could encounter at any establishment we visit. In this case it was the washrooms. They were only accessible down a steep flight of stairs and a hallway in the basement of the old building. It looked like some renovations had been done, and they weren’t dirty or anything like that, but anyone with any sort of mobility problems would find it impossible to go there, unfortunately.

It’s a shame because this is a great family restaurant where the grandparents and grandkids could go enjoy a meal of pizza in a spacious, full service, setting without needing to go to the usual stuffy spot with 4 stools, plastic utensils and a pop machine.

Liverpool Pizzeria rating: 8.5/10 (would have been a 9 with better washroom facilities)

Highly recommended!!

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