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Andrew Frelick Music Review

Andrew Frelick is an accomplished Nova Scotian music who makes the transition from rock to country music seem natural and effortless. His first 2 singles, “Eyes Of An Angel” and “Chevy Car” (from his upcoming CD of the same name) are slices of musical reflection that show his songwriting talent, as well as his guitar playing chops. Being a guitarist myself, I enjoy a good solo, and Andrew delivers the goods, and then some, on his recordings.

While pursuing a solo country career, he also has side projects, which include playing guitar in local rock cover band, Tailgate (read our review here), and as a hired gun for other artists as well. You can definitely hear the rock sensibility in his own country songs, which bring to mind other Canadian artists, such as Barney Bentall and Andrew Cash.

He’s starting to get some traction on radio across Canada, so I recommend having a listen to his songs (see the video playlist below) and visiting his website here. Get out there and spread the word, tell your friends, and share the music of Andrew Frelick now!

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Tailgate, The Band, The Myth, The Music

So it is said that everything must end, and from it’s ashes shall rise a new force…an entity so strong and overwhelming that only a select few can see it in it’s true form. These witnesses are known as “Tailgaters” and they gather in groups at “Tailgating parties“, that last well into the night, to see what other mortals have only heard about in rumour and hushed speech passed along throughout the lands and valleys, via rivers and seaports, until the myth had been born and taken flight.

The gatherers have sworn to spread the news of these great times of music and friendship, held together by a band they call Tailgate. What IS this “Tailgate”, you ask? It is a group of musicians playing awesome covers of songs from the 1960’s onward to such effect that you want to sing along, thus affecting everyone around you with good vibes and dancing groovies.

Their setlist consists of songs such as Bad Moon Rising, Born To Be Wild, Brown Eyed Girl, Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny B Goode, Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Rockin In The Free World and many more. In other words, tunes you know by heart and can have a good time singing and dancing to!

The band is:

Mark Hippern – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica
Andrew Frelick – Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Aaron Warren – Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Jamie Phillips – Drums, Vocals

They are available for bookings at Dances, Weddings, Banquets, Private Functions, Clubs, etc, and put on an entertaining show wherever they go filled with humour and professional musicianship. Recommended!

Check out a video sample below…

We will be at their upcoming gig at King’s Corner posted here. See you there, future tailgators!!

Visit The Tailgate Website