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Exploring Peggy’s Cove

I had accompanied Henry as he went on conference in Dartmouth, and while we were there we thought it would be a great idea to begin delivering flyers on our new venture to a couple of small businesses within the HRM. On our way back from the city, we decided to take the scenic route home to Bridgewater. It was the kind of day where it would rain a tad while the sun was out. The clouds were grey, but beautiful with the mixture of the sun.


During our drive, we took this opportunity to catch the many names of the various small businesses posted along side of the roads as we traveled. This proved to be a difficult task, as I couldn’t read or write while I was in the passengers seat because I usually get car sickness. Poor Henry had to pull over on the side of the road each and every time we seen a sign to get their information.

Heading toward Peggy’s Cove, we pulled into the Whalesback Swissair Flight 111 Memorial site and it was very windy and cold. Being there for the first time, I was taken aback. I took a few moments to reflect upon those who were impacted by the horrific event, and I proceeded to take some pictures of the bitter sweet environment.

Even though it was a very cloudy, windy, cold day at the Whalesback site, I enjoyed being there to take pictures. Since I haven’t been there before, I thought the rock formation was interesting. It seemed as though the rocks were placed on the other rocks on purpose… Is this so? I tried to do some research to see if the rocks of the entire area were uniquely landscaped by nature, but to no avail, I couldn’t find out anything other then the phrase “Uniquely landscaped rocks”. If someone knows, please fill me in! Any who…


Henry and I walked up to the memorial carved rocks, and, I don’t know if it was the cold cloudy day, the breath taking scenery or just thinking about the history; I felt a bit emotional inside. Though I didn’t show it, I kept looking around at the shore and the ocean. There were a few things I couldn’t get out of my mind. I kept thinking about all the people who had volunteered the countless hours, their hearts and souls, their blood, sweat and tears; sacrificing everything they had for the unfortunate lost souls and their families. The amount of tragedy they would have witnessed and endured, then to go home with their own families to lean on. I commend all of the volunteers who have worked and continue to work to help others in times of crisis. Thank you.

Knowing what took place in such a beautiful place seemed unimaginable. I would like to someday continue on to Bayswater to pay my respects to the 229 men, women and children who had lost their lives September 2nd, 1998.

After a few moments of silence, Henry and I walked hand in hand and talked about the area before proceeding to the car to continue on our journey to Peggy’s Cove.

As we traveled onward, writing down the names of some of the small local businesses, we took in the scenery. The dark, yet beautiful skies were highlighted by the sun as it shined through. The wind, slightly moving the treetops back and forth ever so slightly. With no music in the background, we had only each other as entertainment, which we were able to appease easily.

Turning into the infamous tourist attraction, Peggy’s Cove, was a daunting experience, because it was so busy with buses and numerous people walking about the area. The steep, narrow inclining road made us both a tad bit nervous of oncoming traffic and pedestrians. However, once parked and out in the chilly, crisp air, it was beyond anything I have seen in a long time.


To be honest with you, I can’t say I remember ever having gone to Peggy’s Cove. I think my parents had taken me when I was a child, but I hate to say it, I simply don’t remember. When asked, Henry told me it was at least fifteen years since his last visit, and he hoped to see more of it as time goes on.

Walking into the Sou’Wester, we seen all of the neat little trinkets and do-dads. They had tourist memorabilia galore, from pens to tee-shirts, calendars to lobsters, mugs to key-chains, but there were two things that stuck out from the rest of the regular souvenirs.

Though it wasn’t open, there was a booth outside where you could have your picture taken to make your own postcards. This Henry and I would have done, if it would have been open. The other thing was, you could have your pennies pressed. This particular Penny Press was made in the 1800’s. I found this one interesting as now, the penny isn’t being made anymore. What’s going to happen with these fantastic little wonders once the penny is no longer in circulation? I guess they will have to make one for nickels… Do you think?

We had a look at their restaurant menu, even though we weren’t hungry we just glanced at it to ease our curiosity. Surprisingly, the prices weren’t too outrageous. They were a bit on the expensive side, however, not as bad as what we had expected. Even the prices of the souvenirs weren’t completely out of the ball park. I liked the cute little Lighthouses.

For being a busy tourist attraction, their bathrooms are kept well. What I found funny was… I walked into the bathroom stall and looked in the toilet. The water was a bit yellowish, and at first I did think “Ewweee”. I was about to flush, but noticed a sign on the stall door explaining about the yellowish water in the bowl. They have a unique water collection/circulation system that makes the water that colour.


Stepping out onto the rocks I started taking pictures, and was amazed with the awesome view. The wind alone could have taken your breath away, but I’ll blame that on the picturesque landscape. The rocks seemed like they were molded in place, smooth to touch almost. I can see how it could be dangerous to walk on them while the waves crash against them. You could slip and fall very easily. There were different types of rocks in places, which made it more fascinating. The Lighthouse was very natural there. I would have enjoyed going in it, just to have a peek. It was difficult to take pictures, as there were lots of people by the Lighthouse, but I tried my best to not get anyone in the shots. To learn more about the rocks on Peggy’s Cove, CLICK HERE.

As more people were going near the Lighthouse, Henry and I decided to stroll down the narrow hill to have a gander around the local area. This is where I was able to get more pictures of the water and calming scenery. I also took notice of the little shops. I love the little eccentric shops, because they compliment the tourist attractions very nicely. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think these area’s would stand out as much.

One cute little shop stood out, called “Hags On The Hill – Artisan Crafted”. It had really nice outside decor. I adored these handcrafted pictures. It takes much talent to be able to do this sort of thing. I envy individuals like this, because I can only do basic knitting… I mean basic, like baby hats and scarfs, but mainly dishcloth’s. So for anyone doing folk-art… I’m jealous! No just kidding. I’m just telling you, you’re awesome! Good job! 🙂

Hags On The Hill

Hags On The Hill

After spending sometime exploring the area, we returned to the car to get ready to carry on our journey home. I took a slow glance of Peggy’s Cove before getting into the car. We were on our way toward Chester, and hunger was kicking in. Once we arrived, we went to The Stretch Diner where we had indulged in great food and conversation. (To read the review for The Stretch Diner, CLICK HERE.)

After leaving with very full bellies, we went to the waterfront; the heart of Chester. I had visited their Yacht Club to take some snap shots close to dusk. My camera wasn’t taking real good pictures, but I hope you get the idea of the beauty, anyways. Calling it a night, we hopped back in the car, and drove straight through to home.

Chester At Sunset

Chester At Sunset

With a couple of days gone past, I still find myself reflecting on Peggy’s Cove and everything surrounding that day. I’m glad Henry and I went to enjoy and relish in the day, while taking the time to give several moments of reflection in honour of September 2, 1998.

BE well. BE strong. BE YOU!!

The Stretch Diner Restaurant Review

spotlightns-thestretchdinerAs Henry and I was driving the scenic route from Halifax back to Bridgewater today, we decided to try out the Stretch Diner in Chester. We were both starved because we didn’t have anything to eat since breakfast this morning, and we have heard from locals just how great this restaurant was.

To be quite honest, when we pulled into the parking lot, I wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out. I sat in the car looking at the front of the building, and thought it was rather small to be a good Diner.

spot-light-promotions-the-stretch-diner-patioOnce we got out of the car and made our way in. I took note of it not being wheelchair accessible, as I didn’t see any ramp, only stairs. We thought the nice picnic tables outside on the big deck with lawn chairs and pretty plants surrounding the veranda was a great touch. If it wouldn’t have been so cold out today, we definitely could have eaten outside, but the chilly air took us inside where I was pleasantly surprised.

nova-scotia-spotlight-fifties-stretch-dinerThe theme of the Stretch Diner was set back to the fifties, as it had the comfortable chrome chairs and tables, pictures of  celebrity stars with many old fashioned model cars displayed for viewing. My first impression when I walked in was “Awesome”, however I was very disappointed, because the oldies music was non-existent; due to this, it unfortunately lacked the full nostalgic experience. This licensed Diner was clean, and had a very tidy, sleek look. I was anxious to check out the menu.

nsspotlight-fifties-diner-the-stretchHenry and I quickly found a seat  by the Marilyn Monroe and Elvis pictures. Once settled the friendly waitress provided us with the menu, and wrote down what we wanted for drinks; large milk for me and Lime “Pop Shop Pop” for Henry. The menu upon first glance was short, as it had one page for breakfasts, one page for the main meals, and two other pages with soups, children’s meals and beverages. All of the meals available were very affordable, and wasn’t hard on the pocket book.

Though The Stretch is known for their fabulous Fish ‘n’ Chips, neither one of us felt like eating it, only because we had Fish ‘n’ Chips yesterday. So, I went for a BLT on wholewheat with Cesar Salad on the side, and Henry ordered a Cheeseburger with fries and gravy. Yes, I realize our last review was very similar, however I can assure you, it was much different at this establishment.

spot-light-promo-chester-stretch-cleanlinessAs we waited for our meals, we both decided to use the ladies and boys room. The washrooms were easy to find without asking staff. The space was  small but nicely kept. There was even a little wooden stool present for when “independent” young ones visit, so they can wash their own hands.  The door swung inward, which also confirmed it’s not a wheelchair accessible restaurant.

Soon after we sat back down our food had arrived. What scrumptious looking dishes we had. Henry’s first comment was how great the dark brown gravy was. It was beautifully thick and had little beef bits in it for the extra oomph of flavour, and went well with the no-skinned fries.  Though the hamburger bun wasn’t toasted, the burger was cooked all the way through, and was well seasoned. I asked Henry to describe his burger, and he stated “Best Diner burger I’ve had in a long time!”.

Having a particular liking to Cesar Salad, I found it to land on my list of the top 3. It didn’t have loads of croutons in it, which was a plus for me because I don’t like lots in my salad. The romaine lettuce was nice and crisp, but an important factor I’m going to add is, it was a perfect ratio of dressing to salad. I don’t like having too much of one and not the other. It was just right for me. An added touch, which popped my taste buds, was the thick shredded mozzarella cheese. 🙂 My BLT was toasted perfectly! The tomatoes were fresh and not soft, because the juice wasn’t running on my plate or down my arm. The bacon wasn’t chewy or too crispy either.

Even though we both had plenty to eat, we decided to share desert. Coconut Cream Pie is a combined addiction we both have, and as soon as we got it, we dug in. Pieces of coconut was sprinkled over the top of the whipped cream topping, which gave it the extra flavour and texture, however the filling wasn’t as  rich and thick as we would have liked, but the homemade crust was marvelous. It was light, flaky, and the edges wasn’t even burnt.

As we went up to pay the bill, I seen how neat and organized the counter top was with some of the baked goods in the various jars and dishes. But what I found really interesting was what was INSIDE the counter top! Little round gum balls, were in-cased with a long piece of  plexiglass covering the top. I thought that was one of the coolest simple things I have ever seen inside a restaurant!


Our combined rating for The Stretch Diner was 8.5/10. We highly recommend them! We’ll be visiting again!

Recommended changes: More oldies music… PLEASE!!! 🙂

Check out their website by clicking HERE for further Diner details!

For those who are interested, they encourage anyone who has a spiffy ride to show it off at the Stretch Diner every Wednesday night at 6:30pm.

Be there or be square!!


Fo’c’sle Pub Restaurant & Bar Chester Review

spotlight-ns-focsle-pub-restaurant-chesterReported to be Nova Scotia’s oldest rural pub, the Fo’c’sle (Focsle is pronounced as “folk-sill”), was once a stable and grocery store and is now home to a large restaurant and bar located in lovely downtown Chester.

During this review, we were in a party of 4 people for my parent’s anniversary celebration held in the dining room, separate from the pub area. We collectively ate Digby clams & chips, the signature burger platter and Fo’c’sle Clubhouse with ceasar salad. Our reservations were held on time and the atmosphere was very pleasant with a nautical theme and quaint fireplace.

The dining area was clean and roomy with about 8-10 tables seating 4 people each. The only complaint there was that it did get noisy was they were all filled, as sound bounced off the hard walls and wooden furniture. I also visited the pub area, which looked like a typical pub with pub chairs and tables.

The food was good, but slow, as they seemed to be short staffed, with only one waitress serving the entire area. After what seemed like a long wait, our meals finally arrived and everyone was happy. Everything was cooked well, not overcooked, and was very tasty!

One thing that caught my eye was that the clams weren’t buried by fries, which is common in many restaurants these days where they pad the meal by making it a plate of mainly fries with just a handful of clams. The opposite was true here with a good portion a seafood to chip ratio, which was a pleasant surprise.

My Mom and I had the same dish, being the burger platter. Both of us enjoyed the burger, as it was well cooked and the grilled flavor was tasty. Since I don’t like anything green on my burgers, I made up for it with gravy. Though the rich dark brown sauce was nicely seasoned, as it tingled my taste buds; it lacked in texture. It was thin like water, practically running off my crispy potato skinned fries.

Liza always enjoys a tea before her meals in a restaurant. Once her supper arrived, she absolutely devoured her Fo’c’sle Clubhouse. The chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomateo complemented each other very well on whole wheat. The Caesar Salad was very fresh and crisp. It all went very well with her large milk.

Both Liza and I love pub food and The Fo’c’sle has good food…yummy!

I also used the washroom during my visit and it was clean and well supplied. I noticed they have a weekly trivia night and live music there too. Cool!

The prices were quite reasonable and they even have daily specials, so my burger platter was under 10 bucks that day. Nothing on the menu seemed overpriced, which is unusual in a tourist town like Chester where high prices are the norm.

Overall, it was a great experience and we all said we would return again.

Rating: 8/10 (Recommended!!)

The Fo’c’sle
42 Queen Street
Chester, NS

Review written by: Henry :):)