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Seniors Helper Services

senior errands service

We are now offering a variety of services to help seniors who need assistance while living independantly in their own home. I am a trained CCA with years of experience working locally at hospitals in Bridgewater and Lunenburg and he has experience as a professional driver, so between us we cover a wide assortment of tasks that can be done for a senior citizen, or really anyone who needs some help.

Services include:

– Grocery Shopping (Any Stores)
– Picking up prescriptions
– Drive to doctor appt (anywhere from Liverpool To Halifax)
– Pick up mail from community box or parcel from town
– Driving to do general errands

– Geriatric foot care (clipping and cleaning)
– Computer help (updating, setup, etc)
– Game help (cards, board or video)

Our rates are low and very reasonable, as we are just occassional helpers and not a big company trying to gouge anyone or take advantage of the elderly. We can do an errand once, or recurring every week, depending on your needs. Note: We do NOT do general labour, such as housekeeping or lawn maintainence, as we both have physical limitations. Our service is meant mostly for running errands.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs either by leaving a comment below, or by filling out the form on this page. If you wish to be contacted directly by phone, then simply enter your number into the message box.


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