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Mel’s Bakery & Creative Cakes

sunflower-misters-birthdayWeeks before misters 5th birthday, I wanted to have something special. Something that would compliment his personality completely, without question. I realized I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this in just one day, so I decided to make his birthday span out over a weekend; being both Saturday and Sunday.

Since his father and I separated, we have a day specifically for both families to come together to celebrate his special day. In past years, we’ve had it at the house, but this year we thought we would have it at the Social Club. His fathers Mom always brought the cake. I figured I’d save my day with mister for day, as part of his gift from both Henry and I.

He absolutely loves anything to do with any superhero, especially Spiderman. So, as I was booking the Michelin Social Club and Bowl More Lanes, I thought I would take it upon myself to order a cake. Not just any cake. It had to be something that would call out his name, no matter what the occasion. That’s when I knew it had to be a Spiderman cake.

Now keep in mind people… He loves Spiderman sooo much that when we talked about going to Privateer Days a couple of weeks before we went, he didn’t want to dress up as a pirate…. He was determined to dress up as Spiderman, because he wanted to ward off those Red Coats with his super webs to help save the pirates. Needless to say, when the day came, he had forgotten about dressing up as Spiderman, however was disappointed and a bit upset when he remembered in the car on the way there…lol

birthday-boyNot knowing really where to look for such a cake, I was just checking my Facebook and I noticed one of my friends was posting pictures of such marvelous and eloquent looking cakes, ranging from baby showers to weddings to birthdays to regular everyday yummy treats. They were all so beautifully customized. Her creatives cakes and baked goods were absolutely amazing just from the pictures I was seeing.

I had contacted Mel directly through Facebook and asked her questions about the different sized sheet cakes, prices and if she would be able to have the time to make one for mister. Since it was Henry’s birthday weekend as well, I also wanted his name on it, since he’s been so good at sharing the past couple of birthdays with my boy, and well… Let’s face it… He LOVES birthday cake just as much as my son does…lol

Mel Hamm was so easy to work with. She has asked me questions that I never thought of; like what type of icing I wanted and the size. Jeesh! I was so focused on it being Spiderman, that I never thought of the icing or how big I wanted it! Butter cream was my choice, and we all love marble cake.

I decided on a 13×15 sheet cake, as I thought (at the time) it wasn’t a huge cake, and besides I knew my son wouldn’t be interested in the cake part, as he’s much more into the icing. She was even going to deliver it right to the Bowling Alley at no extra cost to me, which was so great and convenient. Her price for a 13×15 cake was $60 flat, which to me was pretty good, considering she tailors and molds it the way you want it. A complete customized bakery at your fingertips.

One thing that I found great about her service, was she had explained how she had made her cakes. Mel’s Bakery & Creative Cakes makes every single baked good from scratch. No boxed or pre-made products. I love homemade, from scratch goodies. She also prices her baked goods according to the amount of work required for each order. There’s nothing like real baked goods, and I feel they’re worth every penny if done right!

As the time crawled closer to his birthday weekend, of course like any parent, was starting to prepare. For the Saturday at the Social Club, I had picked up a treasure chest pinata and loaded it FULL of chocolate wrapped, with anything shiny; chocolate toonies, loonies… You know treasure, amongst other things. It went over quite well at the party, and we had hot dogs and the cake that Nanny brought.

I was quite anxious for the next day to come. Little mister loves to bowl, and I didn’t tell him about the awesome cake that was going to be delivered.

Sunday came and we headed to over to Bowl More Lanes. It was just the three of us. The laid back feeling was nice compared to the day before. You rush around and do, and to have a day where you can just take it as it comes, is really nice. We all took turns, though mister got a few extras because… well… It didn’t matter. We had planned on going home once the cake arrived so we could barbeque, then dig in to the cake that was going to arrive any minute.

mels-bakery-creative-cakes-spider-man-bridgewater-nova-scotiaAs we were packing things up, Mel Hamm had arrived. I darn near hit the floor when it seen how big it was, as it was a layered cake! I know this isn’t going to sound very professional but… The cake was sooooo freakin’ AWESOME! I kept staring at it, I couldn’t help it. Mister practically tripped over himself trying to get to it. The bugger kept trying to lick the icing off. His was so close to it trying to smell it, I think he got icing on his nose.

We chatted for a little bit before we took the cake and raced home. I took this opportunity to ask her what other items she made and she proceeded to tell me all the yummy delights she creates; such as cupcakes, cake pops, pies, cookies, all sorts of bakery items. Unfortunately our conversation was cut short because we were so eager to try out the cake. I didn’t think I was going to be able to contain the boy until after supper, but he did good.

After we had a bite to eat, mister picked the piece he wanted. It was nice and fresh because she made it the night before (she even sent me pictures of it when it was finished). The icing was marvelous. It wasn’t too rich or sweet. The marble cake, to me, was to die for. It was beautifully layered with icing in the middle. When I tasted the cake, it reminded me (I’m not exaggerating here) of my wedding cake, as that was also marble. Seaside Flowers had made it, and it was truly decadent. I knew from that moment on, I was going to get my cakes from Mel’s Bakery And Creative Cakes.

Since it was a huge cake, it had lasted us for days and it didn’t dry out. I didn’t bother to freeze it, because I knew it would get eaten, as there’s the three of us plus my grandparents upstairs and visitors that come and go.

I want to say thank you Mel Hamm! YOU ROCK THE CAKE BAR!!! You’ll be hearing from me shortly for another cake ๐Ÿ™‚


Rating: 10/10 (bonuses for awesomeness through communication and delivering for no extra charge!!)

Review by: Liza

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