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Welcome To Canada Friends & Democrats!


So, Donald Trump has officially been elected as the President of the USA for the next 4 years and that has many Americans terrified and wanting to leave the country to move to Canada. Well, let us help you with that…

While real estate is still quite expensive in large urban areas, like Toronto and Vancouver, it’s dirt cheap on the east coast where less than 200k USD will get you a nice modest house in a quiet neighbourhood embracing the country lifestyle.

Here, in Nova Scotia, we have low crime where in many places people don’t even lock their doors, no guns except for sport & recreation (no assault rifles at Walmart!) and friendly neighbours who you can say hello to while being invited to the local community hall to enjoy fresh baked goods and a Timmies.

Nova Scotia, being nicknamed “Canada’s Ocean Playground” has LOTS of properties with beautiful ocean views that are affordable and AWESOME! Take a dip in the water or enjoy an evening stroll along a sandy beach within minutes of your front door.

Here is just one example of a beautiful 3.5 acre oceanview property for sale for just 37k that you could build your dream cottage on and wake up every morning sipping a coffee on your deck while watching the sun rise over the water…

Crescent Beach Real Estate Listing

This land for sale is just a few minutes away from a lovely country store, gas, bakery, art gallery, campgrounds and more, plus 3 major beaches within a 5 minute drive, it’s an incredible place to call home.

So, to our new friends in America looking to immigrate to Canada, we embrace you and say Welcome!