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Andrew Frelick Music Review

Andrew Frelick is an accomplished Nova Scotian music who makes the transition from rock to country music seem natural and effortless. His first 2 singles, “Eyes Of An Angel” and “Chevy Car” (from his upcoming CD of the same name) are slices of musical reflection that show his songwriting talent, as well as his guitar playing chops. Being a guitarist myself, I enjoy a good solo, and Andrew delivers the goods, and then some, on his recordings.

While pursuing a solo country career, he also has side projects, which include playing guitar in local rock cover band, Tailgate (read our review here), and as a hired gun for other artists as well. You can definitely hear the rock sensibility in his own country songs, which bring to mind other Canadian artists, such as Barney Bentall and Andrew Cash.

He’s starting to get some traction on radio across Canada, so I recommend having a listen to his songs (see the video playlist below) and visiting his website here. Get out there and spread the word, tell your friends, and share the music of Andrew Frelick now!

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