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So it is said that everything must end, and from it’s ashes shall rise a new force…an entity so strong and overwhelming that only a select few can see it in it’s true form. These witnesses are known as “Tailgaters” and they gather in groups at “Tailgating parties“, that last well into the night, to see what other mortals have only heard about in rumour and hushed speech passed along throughout the lands and valleys, via rivers and seaports, until the myth had been born and taken flight.

The gatherers have sworn to spread the news of these great times of music and friendship, held together by a band they call Tailgate. What IS this “Tailgate”, you ask? It is a group of musicians playing awesome covers of songs from the 1960’s onward to such effect that you want to sing along, thus affecting everyone around you with good vibes and dancing groovies.

Their setlist consists of songs such as Bad Moon Rising, Born To Be Wild, Brown Eyed Girl, Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny B Goode, Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Rockin In The Free World and many more. In other words, tunes you know by heart and can have a good time singing and dancing to!

The band is:

Mark Hippern – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica
Andrew Frelick – Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Aaron Warren – Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Jamie Phillips – Drums, Vocals

They are available for bookings at Dances, Weddings, Banquets, Private Functions, Clubs, etc, and put on an entertaining show wherever they go filled with humour and professional musicianship. Recommended!

Check out a video sample below…

We will be at their upcoming gig at King’s Corner posted here. See you there, future tailgators!!

Visit The Tailgate Website

10 Responses to Tailgate, The Band, The Myth, The Music

  1. B & J Smits says:

    You clearly haven’t watched this band play…. complete garbage. Guitarist fools around on his guitar between every song, drummer plays the same beat every song, and singer is out of key. We left their “show” after one set…. but now reading over this article again, it’s clear the band wrote it about themselves. Good luck guys…

    • Liza says:

      No, the band did not write our review, although both reviewers at SpotlightNS have known Aaron for many years, but that is the only connection between us and them.

      The point of hiring any cover band for a function is to entertain your guests, and Tailgate is entertaining. I can’t speak of the night you watched them, but there are a variety of factors that could have affected your experience that day. Maybe the singer was off key because of monitor issues. I don’t know because I wasn’t there.

      You are welcome to your opinion, of course, but the crowds at Tailgate shows seem to be enjoying the show, and that’s what really matters for this type of “service”.

    • Kelsey C says:

      You clearly were mistaken about who wrote this article, and IMO, have not heard what all us Tailgaters are listening to! My girls and me love, LOVE this band! People, don’t listen to this BJ! Come see for yourself and join us Tailgaters! Great band and easy on the eyes:)

  2. Samantha says:

    I myself have become quite a fan of Tailgate. I find quite the opposite of B&J Smit’s comments, it sounds like it’s almost someone with a grudge as opposed to someone who actually just sat through one set. I have now become a dedicated fan of theirs and attempt to make an appearance at their shows when I can. I have no relation to any of the band members and am under no obligations to write this review and am doing it out of complete unbiased opinion. I find the band plays exceptionally well, in fact there are several times they cover a song that I believe sounds better than the original artist’s version (Yes Wagon Wheel is one of those songs 😉 ). . They bring tonnes of fun to the events that they play, know how to read the audience and try to build set lists to match the desires of the crowd. I find the vocals strong, the guitarist is always checking to ensure the sound is as crisp and balanced as possible and the bass and drums are always bang on. I’m proud to call myself a Tailgater. I look forward to all their upcoming events and will be bringing all my friends because I know that we’ll be entertained and have a great time, everytime.

  3. Jana says:

    I just last week was introduced to a Tailgate event for the first time. I was truly impressed with the caliber of music that they put out. Everyone was up and dancing and having a great time. I think their selection of music was fantastic and their commentary throughout the event was great. Two thumbs up!!

  4. Kris says:

    Just a heads up to anyone who has anything negative to say about Tailgate, they can stuff it. I’ve been a guitar player for years and buddy Smits has no clue what he’s talking about. I think the guitarist kills his parts, the fooling in between songs is called “tuning.” This band is the real deal. Next time I have an event coming up I totally would hire them to come rock the party.

  5. Jeff says:

    Everyone is entitled to their two cents, including “B & J Smits” but pennies are not worth much nowadays.

    I’m not sure which show this guy attended but I was at the Cday New Ross Tailgate gig and the crowd had rockin’ time singing and dancing. For an outside venue, the setup was pretty sweet and there was nothing out of tune about this band.

    Not knowing the band previously, was surprised at the quality of a free show. The guitarist has some serious chops and being a guitarist myself was impressed enough to looked this guy up who not to my surprise is an accomplished musician.

    Clearly the comment section does not discriminate those who lack any musical taste.

  6. Bruce P says:

    To someone in the industry, this BJ comment reeks of sour grapes from a former bandmate or other local musician. Some guys get it, some don’t but healthy, collaborative competition is a good thing. Trying to find reasons that your own band is better than the next is not.

  7. Tim says:

    Sounds like an episode of friends on here! To be unbiased, I’ve seen this band on two occasions…not awful, not amazing. The initial comment has merit, as does others. I personally do find that the vocals are a little flat (though I can’t sing a lick, so leaps and bounds better than I can do), and the guitarist does seem to be trying to figure out his equipment an awful lot. Other bands I’ve seen typically would mute their sound when tuning, if that’s what he is in fact doing. Having said that, he plays very well when playing songs (I find him the better singer too), and they typically have a good selection of songs. The biggest fault I’ve noticed is how they deal with the people watching… both times they’ve looked like deer in the headlights between songs. Regardless, keep on keeping on guys…if you’re having fun doing it, you’re probably doing it right.

  8. Greg P. says:

    I saw these guys at my friend’s wedding party and let me tell you they are the REAL DEAL. That was one of the best nights of our lives and the band definately had something to do with it. They are all cool guys who know how to play their respective instruments (by the way I’m pretty sure one of them played a trumpet for the right song!!!) Anyhow if ur on the fence from reading these comments dont be, you wont be dissapointed.. Just check ’em out when the show is free somewhere and @Tim ur right they would be great on an episode of Friends (they even play some darius rucker songs just like on Friends!)

    Cheers boys keep ‘er ROCKIN!!!!

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