Turkey Burger Cookville Review

Hello! Henry here!! This is my review of the Turkey Burger restaurant in Cookville, NS.

I’ve lived in the Bridgewater area most of my life and I remember this particular restaurant being around when I was a kid decades ago and how my Mom used to take me there whenever we went on the highway to New Germany. They always served good food, even though the place was cramped inside with only a few tables, and never looked like much on the outside.


Well, I’m now 47 and the place still doesn’t look like much on first glance when pulling up in the parking lot. However, I noticed a LOT has changed as we walked through the door. It’s totally different inside from what it used to be years ago, with a spacious dining area featuring several tables and renovated washrooms that are roomy and clean.

We both sat at a table by the window with not much of a view, except the highway, but it was bright and cheerful anyway. The waitress was friendly and served us right away. I was tempted to order an actual turkey burger, but I settled on the all-day breakfast special instead, featuring eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. Liza had poutine and tea and we both only had to wait a few minutes before chowing down.

I LOVE a good breakfast meal in the evening, but I find it’s difficult for most places to get right because of all the elements involved. The eggs can be made in many different ways, the toast shouldn’t be tough and burned, nor should the hash browns be soft and lifeless, and don’t even get me started on the ways people want the bacon…aye carumba!!!

For me, I like my bacon to be crispy, not stringy like chewing on a stick of fat, and this is where they missed the mark. However, it’s minor compared to how great the rest of the meal was, so I’ll just make a mental note for next time to ask them to fry it a bit longer. No biggie.

The prices were fairly average, and mine was a good deal at only $6.95, plus the cost of a drink.


Overall, the experience was pleasant with a friendly atmosphere, clean tables, roomy washrooms and good company (Liza!). Don’t let the plain look outside scare you away…the Turkey Burger restaurant has yummy food!!*

Look for them at #1671 Hwy 10, in Cookville, just a few minutes outside Bridgewater, N.S.


*Not one turkey was harmed in the making of this review…

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